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Best Mediterranean Yacht Charter Destinations

If you are a sailing enthusiast, you probably know that Mediterranean region is always among the best (if not THE best) to go sailing to. Whether it’s Italy with its Amalfi coast, Greece with its majestic views of Mount Olympus or Croatia with its pretty much every building, you will never be disappointed by a yacht charter in one of these countries. But those destinations are not the only ones worth going to, as the region is constantly developing, and keeps on improving in terms of places to go to almost every single month. So if you think that you have already seen everything the region has to offer by visiting all those popular destinations - think again, because we are about to send you back. Read on to get inspired by an unlimited amount of excitement Mediterranean region has to offer.

Spain Whether it’s Mallorca or Ibiza, Spain will not disappoint. This destination will be equally perfect for those who are willing to go crazy and throw an ultimate party, or just spend a week with their family sailing Balearics under white sails. If you are not that keen on an idea of spending a whole week at sea, you can definitely charter a yacht for 2-3 days, and still get the most of the majestic views Spain has to offer. But if you want to go all-in, you can rent a motor (or sailing for that matter) yacht, and arrive to one of the shoreline Ibiza clubs in style. What really makes Spain universal is its unique mixture of family-friendly roots and luxurious destinations for a slightly younger audience. But make no mistake - once you are here, you would not want to leave.

France French riviera is one of the most desirable sailing destinations in the whole world - you have definitely heard about lavish yacht parties in Monaco, Hollywood bashes at Cannes or celebrities soaking in the sun right by the shore at Nice. And now nothing prevents you from exploring the same route by hiring a yacht, and casually exploring one of the most beautiful shorelines of Mediterranean. If you decide to do so, we highly recommend to get a vessel for a week (or even two), and plan your whole trip in advance - this particular region is full of exquisite restaurants, resorts and hidden lagoons, that you would definitely not want to miss. You, of course, can focus your attention on a specific city (sailing vacation in Nice is always a great idea), but nothing really compares with a fully fledged experience of discovering Cote D’azur by yourself.

Turkey Turkey might not be on top of your Best Mediterranean Destinations list, but it is certainly worth exploring. In the recent years, the country has experienced a shift from being a purely hotel-oriented tourism destination to a major Mediterranean sailing attraction. Boasting the biggest coastline of the region, Turkey is the country where Eastern traditions meet Western hospitality practices, and morph it into something completely different - a signature Turkish hospitality. Explore the Turquoise Coast, hunt elusive hidden coves alongside the shoreline, or just drop the anchor in one of the numerous lagoons in the area, and unplug from the rest of the world.

We hope that this brief article will inspire you to go even further, and embark on your own private adventure in Mediterranean. Lucky for you, there’s a fast and convenient way to get your yacht charter online, without any phone calls or enquiries. CharterClick lets you book a yacht in 53 countries of the world in mere minutes, and delivers an instant booking confirmation right to your inbox once the payment is processed. You’ll get a direct contact of your captain, along with Google Maps pin of where exactly your boat is parked. Once you have a boat booked, get an idea of where you can go and what exactly you should be looking forward to once on board. And most importantly - enjoy your trip at its fullest.

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